Kuljit & Gurpreet Rainy Engament Session || New York Engagement Photographer

A perfectly sunny day clouds up and starts to drizzle right as you meet your photographer for your engagement session. What do you do? Hair did’, makeup did’, leaving New York for home in California you realize rescheduling might be impossible you decide to troop it out and proceed with the shoot.

This was one of those amazing session where everything seemed to go wrong but turned out to be best case scenario. Shooting in the rain is tough for a photographer, besides getting yourself or expensive gear wet, rain also messes with the autofocus when taking pictures.

But the benefits are also great, the busy areas we usually shoot at are deserted giving you the opertunity to shoot wide, really wide, as wide as your lenses will allow without anyone crowding your precious space.

Additionally shooting in the rain is also great for lighting with the overcast sky blocking out any harsh rays creating essentially a huge soft box in the sky. Not to mention the wet streets, did you ever notice how the streets in movies are usually wet? its actually because they spray them down, the streets become glistening, reflective and more pleasing to the eye. Now add the additional luck of having a dramatic cloudy sky and you have yourself an amazing shoot.

Kuljit & Gurpreet were childhood friends when they both lived in NY, when Kuljit moved to California with her family they never lost touch and a childhood friendship progressed to somehting more. They were planning a multi day wedding and engagement party on both costs as is usually customary for people from South Asian background. After the wedding Kuljit would relocate permanently to live in New York. They decided on Brooklyn Bridge Park for the engagement session.

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